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Sanitization & Taking Preventive Measures Are Only Known Tools To Fight Against Corona Virus. This is a situation that affects everyone. Safety of One is Safety For All. You as an office owner need to ensure that your team is protected. After all we all have to stand back up on our feet and win over this situation. As of now taking precautions is the only thing that is in our hands. Keeping our offices & home sanitized is vital.

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We're a one-stop company offering a vast range of both contract and specialist cleaning services for commercial & residential clients. We're flexible and don't lock clients into long contracts.

Cleaning you can see & feel

Sanitize your Home, Office, Shop or your Car with our cutting edge sanitizing technology. We use smoke based sanitizing technology as well as water spray based sanitization. We have full time dedicated professional team for your service.

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Residential sanitizing

Have you recently recovered from Covid-19 or you have just completed your home isolation, Sanitize your personal space along with your personal belongings. we use cutting egde smoke based sanitization technology that will completely sanitize your space within 30 minutes.

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Commercial sanitizing

Is your employee or your office staff got Covid-19 Positive recently, then its high time to sanitize your Office space to stop the spread of Covid-19 virus. We are the best sanitization comapny in berhampur serving corporate clients.

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Protecting Our Environment

Scientifically Proven Effective Against COVID-19

We use chemicals that are certified and are effective against Covid-19 Virus and is completely environment friendly. Our professional team will guide you post sanitization, so that you will be safe from chemicals.

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Get The Best Sanitizing Services

We guarantee 100% satisfation on our services. we use the best chemical for sanitization that are certified and are Eco-friendly. Our Professional sanitizing team is highly experienced and are properly equiped with cutting edge sanitization Equipments.

To keep you safe, all our team members are monitotered with tempreture checks before every sanitization tasks. Our team will be completely covered with PPE covered dress and will wear mask and gloves while sanitizing your space.

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Our Employees

Our Employees are highly experienced & trained in sanitizing your space.

Our Training

Continious training is provided to our employees, so that they are always updates with new virus strains.


Professionalism is our core value. All our employees use proper single use PPE costume along with mask & hand gloves while sanitizing your space.

Our Services

We are expert in sanitizing residential spaces like your home, appartment etc. and commercial spaces like your shop , office, hospitals, godowns, educational institution etc.

Why to Sanitize ?

Why choose us ?

Our Aerial and Surface Disinfection Service that keeps commercial premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area. Our sanitizer machine is a ULV fogger Misting (Cold Fogging) machine, used along with biocides & fungicides to counter the effects of pathogenic bacterial & viral contamination, sprays chemical particle size of Zero to 20-micron size and the sanitized surface dries fast. We are use spray of Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC), Hydrogen Peroxide & Sodium Hypochlorite which is a cationic organic quaternary ammonium compound with biocidal properties (destroys) and also inhibits growth of microorganisms on the skin and other surfaces. BKC is used as both an antiseptic and as a disinfectant. It is antiseptic when applied to the body and disinfectant when applied to non-living, hard surfaces, such as countertops , door knobs and handrails and is safe to use. This sanitization work will be carried out to control airborne contamination, we complete decontamination of the area within 30-45 minutes.





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